How To Throw A Fabulous Garden Party

Having a house with a garden is a not an easy feat. That is because gardens require constant maintenance. We understand that this can be a challenging task for many individuals. That is because with work and family commitments they don’t have any time to spare. But when you have a garden any extra time would be spent tending to this. However, you would learn to appreciate your labour come summer. That is because this warm weather provides the ideal opportunity to host garden parties. This gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the nature. Furthermore, garden parties are fun to attend.


When you think of a party you begin to think about the type of food you would serve. You would also think about the type of photobooth Singapore you would hire. But many individuals fail to consider the most important aspect of the planning process. This is invitations. For a summer party, it would be perfect to give the guests handwritten invitation cards. This would lend a whimsical sense to the event. But we understand that this can be a time-consuming task especially if there is a long guest list. In that case, you can proceed to send out e-invites. This is not only cheap but it is also less time-consuming.


Every party requires some form of entertainment. For a summer party, the best form of entertainment would be music. Therefore make sure to have music playing in the background at all time. However, the music should not be played too loudly. Instead, you should allow the opportunity for conversation to flow. Furthermore, it is also possible for you to have an instant photo booth in the corner from a reliable event photography agency. In the age of the selfie, every guest would enjoy this greatly.

Food & Beverages

For a summer party, it is essential to serve some cocktails. You can either serve an array of cocktails or one signature cocktail. However, you should also keep in mind that not everyone likes cocktails. In that case, it is also recommended to have some chilled wine bottles on hand. For an afternoon party, you can either serve rose or white wine. Furthermore, when it comes to food you should not serve any heavy meals. Instead, you can do a barbeque and serve it alongside some fresh salads. If not, you can also serve a sit-down menu. This can contain cold pasta dishes along with some meat dishes and salads.

If you follow these tips you would have no trouble planning a fabulous party.