Diseases Which Can Be Cured Without A Surgery

There are various medical conditions that can be cured without a surgery such as piles, fibroid. However, sometimes patients are not aware about this. Below are some diseases which can be cured without operation.

Rectal cancer

The other name for this is colorectal cancer.  This usually develops over the years and this could be due to various reasons such as smoking. The symptoms of this is similar to piles such as shortness of breath, bowel obstruction and weight loss. If this is detected in the first few stages then operation is not needed. Doctors might recommend multiple chemotherapy sessions depending on which stage it is. However, if the patient is in the last few stages then they might have to go under the knife to take it out. 

Piles- depending how serious it is

According to statistics around 50% to 66% of people suffer from this at least in some point of their lives. This usually affects people above 40 years and is common among women during their pregnancy. The symptoms are itching around the anus, painful bowel movements, blood in the stool. Not everyone who have piles require haemorrhoid surgery Singapore. Apart from over the counter creams and medicines, there are many home remedies that can help. Apple cider vinegar helps in terms of reducing inflammation due to piles. One would even have to change their diet plan, reduce the fatty food intake and indulge food that are rich in fibre such as broccoli. Also keeping the body hydrated helps to reduce risk of piles.

Periodontal Disease

This is a disease that affects supporting structures of teeth such as gums. Although most of the times dentists recommend the patient to get it operated, one can treat it without it too. The root cause of a gum disease is plaque. So in order to reduce it one will have to brush their teeth at least twice a day religiously. They could even brush after every meal and if they do the latter, they will have to replace their toothbrush at least once a month. Dentists also recommend flossing at least once a day and this is usually at night before sleeping. Also using a mouthwash will clear all the bacteria, however some dentists don’t recommend this as it can stain teeth very badly. If one takes care of their teeth and reduces the formation of plaque then this can be avoided. However, if it’s seriously swollen they might have to get operated.

If one is detected with one of this diseases mentioned above and the doctor asks to get it operated, they could always go to reliable doctor for a second opinion. Due to advance in science and technology many diseases today can be cured without surgery. However, if the condition is serious getting operated could be the best option for them.