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Treatments For Sports Injuries

To an athlete, an injury to their body is a serious thing. They strive to keep their body at peak performance so that they can deliver their best on the field. There are many reasons why a sports injury may occur. One of the main reasons is not warming up properly. You can also experience an injury if you are not using the sports equipment correctly or not using the proper technique.

Athletes suffer from many sprains and strains. Some of the common injuries are hamstring strain, knee sprains, tennis elbow, groin pull, ACL injuries, shin splints etc. In the event of an injury, the athlete should be sent to a sports injury clinic so that they can be examined by a professional. Some injuries will only need rest while other injuries will need extensive treatment. Sometimes, you can reduce pain and muscle spasm through immobilisation. This is used to prevent re-injury. PRICE treatment is used for small injuries like minor sprains and strains. You can carry out this treatment at home to great effect. The PRICE treatment consists of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.

To explain further, protection means protecting the injured area from re-injury. You can use a support so that the area doesn’t further strain. Lots of rest should be needed so that you can recover from the injury. This means staying away from the sport for a time. The affected area should be iced for about 15 or 20 minutes every couple of hours. If you don’t have ice at your house, you can use a bag of frozen peas as a substitute. By using compression bandages, you will be able to limit the swelling to a point. The injured part of the body should be kept elevated. Usually, it is kept above the level of your heart so that the swelling can go down quicker. You can consult with a doctor and take some pain medication for the injury. Right physiotherapy in Singapore works well for athletes who are recovering from a long term injury. The treatment strengthens the muscles surrounding the affected area and improves the range of movement of the athlete. This is done through manipulating the muscles, specific exercises and massages.

If there is severe inflammation of the affected area, you may be given corticosteroid injections. This is for pain relief only and should be given under the guidance of a medical professional. There may be certain side effects and you can discuss with your doctor further about them. There are some sports injuries that are so severe that they need surgery. Injuries that require surgery are dislocation, fractures, ACL injuries, tendon tears etc. Some displaced bones can be realigned without surgery as well. So this depends on the special circumstances of each athlete.